Identify a 1960s Era Children's Book
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What was the kid's book from the 1960's where the kid, home from school sick in bed, rigs up his room so he can do everything from bed by pulling different strings?
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it sounds sort of like Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead but of course he wasn't sick and the house was electronic. I love that book
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There's an early page in Andrew Henry's Meadow where he does this, though I don't recall him being home sick.

Even his younger brothers Ronald and Robert were not amused with an elaborate pulley system that Andrew Henry installed in their bedroom that could close the door, while also fetching the crayon box and lifting the table off the floor.

God, I love this book so much. There was talk of a movie a few years ago but I don't think it's ever going to happen.
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I think you might mean A Big Ball of String, though he's not sick.

There's a youtube video showing the whole book. Scene starts at 1:16.
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Thanks, FencingGal. Come to think of it, that was the book I thought of whenever *I* was sick in bed, wishing I could control everything without getting up. I'll go watch the video!

BTW, any iteration of macros in computing remind me, subconsciously, of this book. This was a 1958 tech foreshadowing, generally (at least in my addled mind). I wonder how many tech innovators out there feel likewise...
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I'm 70% certain there was an illustration in an Encyclopedia Brown book where he had rigged up his bedroom with a string and pulley system, but alas I cannot find the image online. Adding it here in case it rings a bell.
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