Can I use IFTTT to get a text when I get a particular email?
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I think this should be possible with IFTTT, but I can't find it anywhere. Sometimes I'm waiting for an email reply from a particular person or waiting for an email with a particular keyword, but I'm not in front of my computer and not actively checking on my phone. I'd like to be able to get a text or some other kind of notification when the email arrives. (I don't want to get a notification if I get *any* email, because I get way too much.) If this is possible, is it safe to link my email to IFTTT? Is there some other way to do this with Gmail?
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In gmail you can create a filter (go to settings->filters and blocked addresses) that forwards to another email address based on some matched pattern. Most cell providers have an SMS gateway address that you can specify to forward it on as a text message to your phone.
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Yes, my partner and I do this for email from each other. It works great for me, decently for him, Usually the text will come in between 1-15 minutes after the email, so if that range is ok, that should work for you. You can see the script I have here, I think (unclear if it shows to other logged in people - if you can see it you'll note my phone number is visible). It's basically "If New email in inbox from, then send me an SMS at 8025551212" He's had trouble keeping his gmail connected for some reason. I have not had that issue.
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You should straight-up be able to do this in IFTT.

IF [Gmail: New email in inbox from][sender] THEN [Notifications: Send a notification from the IFTT app][your message here]
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Psst, jessamyn, your phone number and SO's name are showing.
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That's fine, it's just worth the OP knowing that this would be visible if their applet was public too, but thank you.
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