What is the best way to use an android tablet as a doggie webcam?
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I have an extra android tablet that has a camera and speaker built in. Is there an easy way to set it up so that I can "call" it from my phone to get two way video and sound so I can check on my dog when I am out of the house? The key constraint that is stopping me from using Skype is that I can't get it to automatically answer and show video. (Unfortunately I don't think I can train my dog to press buttons to accept the call).
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Best answer: You might try the mobile app version of ManyThing. It basically turns an iOS or Android device into a security camera-like device.
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You might be able to use Tasker or AutoInput to automatically click the answer and show video buttons when Skype opens.
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Try looking for a baby monitor app.
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Best answer: I use IP-Webcam for exactly this.
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Best answer: Here's a stackexchange answer that goes into various options, including a Skype based one.
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Best answer: This blog post from the always useful Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools makes a good case for the inexpensive Wyze camera system. It seems custom made to fit your special requirements, and it's still pretty cheap. They even talk about remote pet applications right in the article.
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I use Alfred for my hamster cam.
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All good answers, but I want to pass on a caveat from my experience with a dog cam. Granted this was 15+ years ago when cameras and Internet were less reliable.

I set up a puppy cam to watch our new puppy from my office. Then one day I couldn't see the dog for an hour. The time stamp kept updating but no dog. Plus I noticed one of the puppy pads was shredded. So I went into full panic mode assuming the puppy had eaten the puppy pad. So I left my office and arrived home an hour later to find the dog was fine. The camera image just didn't update!
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Best answer: I've used the app Dog Monitor in the past, which I like for the push alerts on barking. It's inexpensive, but not free.
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