Name this early computer game?
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Circa 1982, cartridge game (probably TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer), you controlled a guy who was exploring a cave. The graphics were kind of like the cave levels of early Lemmings in both style and layout...

... i.e. more than just ascii graphics; and showing a side view of the cave where you could walk the guy along side-to-side, make him climb up or down ropes going up or down the screen. I think on the first screen, for example, you entered from the bottom right, and worked your way up to the top right. When you reached the exit for that screen, you'd get a new screen that was like a new section of the cave. I think maybe if you fell too far your guy got injured or killed? Ring any bells?
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Lode Runner?
posted by box at 4:05 PM on March 11

Lode Runner?
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Nope, not Lode Runner. Think Lemmings style cave - thick spaces and semi-uneven floors, not Donkey Kong style platforms and ladders.
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If you do a Google search for "games like Montezuma's Revenge" on the top it gives a bunch of icons for related games and if you click on them you'll get screenshots. Pitfall II and Boulder Dash are two that I see that could fit your description.
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My first thought was Spelunker, but it's a year later than you mentioned, and I'm not sure it was on the CoCo either.
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Hunt the Wumpus?
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It didn't scroll like the youtube videos of Spelunker show. It looked nothing at all like Hunt the Wumpus. I don't think it was Montezuma's Revenge, but that's closer to what I remember than the others.
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Not Pitfall II and definitely not Boulder Dash.
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Miner 2049er?
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Hmm, Miner 2049er is a distinct possibility.
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The Atari 800 version played Darling Clementine as a theme song (in its glorious 8-bit wonder), if that rings a bell.
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But the images that look more like the game I half-remember seem to be the later remake, not the original version. Humph. I am definitely beginning to question my memory here.
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(Don't remember anything about the sound effects or music, no.)
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Cave Walker or Rogue?
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Ah, I believe it was Downland!
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For future reference, here's a list of games (specifically, game manuals) that were available for the TRS 80, that I found when searching for Cave Walker.
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Omg I played Downland so much! And you had to run back through past levels to try to find the keys that would unlock a door you saw five levels back. And if you ran out of time, the bat would come flying down to kill you. I think this was the first video game I ever played, in the mid to late 80s
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Holy cow, what a blast from the past. I was on a CoCo from 83 to 92. Sooooo many games on tape.

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