Parking in Downtown Wilmington, DE
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WILMINGTON, DE FILTER -- I need to take the train from Wilmington to NYC this coming Friday, and I am worried about parking. Ideally, I'd like to park at the parking structure next to the station. Can anyone advise how likely it is that I'll find a place there, or recommend other more likely places nearby?

Time will be somewhat constrained, so I'd rather not spend an hour checking places out. I'll have my iPhone (and thus mapping and navigation functions), but do not know the city directly. I'm looking to spend $12 -15 per day.
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Ugh, I forgot to mention the fact that the train leaves at 2:30 in the afternoon and I'd like to arrive at the station by 2:15. This is what makes me worry that a lot of parking spaces will already be occupied by downtown workers and commuters.
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In case it makes a difference, when will you be returning?
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Saturday evening. The only difference I can see is that it will be after dark, so I might not want a long walk through downtown Wilmington at that time.
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I can't give specific advice except that 15 mins won't give you enough time to find parking. There are a few lots but you may need to drive around to find one with a spot for you, at which point it might be a longer trek than you imagined. I'd show up at least 45 mins early to avoid being stressed about this. You may get lucky and not need this much time, but sometimes you need more luck.
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I haven't tried to park in Wilmington, so can't give specific advice on the parking structure next to the station. However I wanted to throw out another possibility. The DoubleTree Downtown/Legal District is a 10-minute walk from the station, and their website says that it has self-parking for $16. You might call them and run down this option. Might not be an appealing option, given that you need to walk back in the dark.
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I don't know the parking situation around the train station, but I wouldn't hesitate to walk 10 minutes from the station to a major hotel in the dark, as long as it's not like midnight. IMO Wilmington's crime reputation is scarier than the reality. Get on the phone with a friend and use basic street smarts like walking around sketchy people.

In general though, 15 min doesn't sound like enough time to find parking and walk to the station, given that the train may leave at 2:30 on the dot.
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Clarification: I wanted to arrive at the station at 2:15 (giving me 15 minutes to get to the gate and get on the train). I can spend as much time as it takes to find a parking place, though it would be helpful to have an idea of how long that might be.
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Meh, I was over-concerned. I got there an hour early only to find there was plenty of parking at the station lot, so I wound up taking an earlier train. Thanks for evertone’s Help!
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