Nature guide for Spring?
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This winter, I've been reading a book called "A Guide to Nature in Winter (Northeast and North Central North America)" and it is fantastic. There are separate chapters on wintering trees, birds, mammals/tracks, insects, winter weeds, and snow. In other words, rather than focus on a particular topic, it's a kind of holistic guide to the season. I'm wondering if there is something similar out there for Spring?

And Summer! And Fall!

A focus on the Northeast US would be best, but more general books also welcome.
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The book you will love is Naturally Curious with Mary Holland (there's an older one already in print) which outlines what the various critters and plants are doing season by season. I love it. She has a nice blog with nature photos on it.
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By Bernd Heinrich: Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival and Summer World: A Season of Bounty. I haven't read it yet, but his A Year in the Maine Woods may also scratch the itch.
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Well, these books are about exactly the opposite side of the US to your request, set in the desert Southwest, but Sonoran Desert Spring and Sonoran Desert Summer by John Alcock do exactly what you are talking about, delving deeply into the weather, geology, plants and animal lives of the Sonora during the hottest months of the year. They are wonderfully written and really capture the feeling of the desert at these times of year.
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This is a little less on target, but if you haven't read Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, you may enjoy it. It's her observations of the natural world spanned over four seasons.
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