Diversify my twitter feed!
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I would like to be exposed to broader perspectives and ideas for making the world a better place. I've got a lot of white upper-middle-class Americans in my feed talking at each other, and I need to open my horizons. I'm especially interested in Christian or Christ-following viewpoints from as many different communities as I can get them.
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I would suggest Tressie McMillan Cottom (tressiemcphd) and Brittney Cooper (professorcrunk) for starters.
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Here are a few of my favorite nonwhite Twitter follows from the Christian twittersphere:

Nelba Márquez Greene (@Nelba_MG): mom of two children, one of whom was killed at Sandy Hook (she might be my favorite new twitter follow of 2018)
Jeff Chu (@jeffchu): writer and seminarian
Wil Gafney (@WilGafney): Womanist Hebrew Bible scholar
Kaitlin Curtice (@KaitlinCurtice): Potawatomi writer
Latasha Morrison (@LatashaMorrison): founder of Be the Bridge
Austin Channing Brown (@austinchanning): writer and speaker
Mickey ScottBey Jones (@iammickyjones ): activist
Rev. Dr. William Barber (@RevDrBarber): pastor, former president of NC NAACP, founder of Moral Mondays
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@broderickgreer is a queer black Episcopal priest who posts a lot about current events and progressive politics.
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