Automated GPS classification
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I'm wondering if a software tool exists that will classify GPS coordinates into location types (home, restaurant/bar, office, park, etc).

I have lots of GPS coordinates and I want to classify them, but it's much too large to do by hand. Surely places like Google have something like this, at least behind the scenes. But is there something like this available to the public?

That's it!

Thank you!
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The closest thing I could think of is OpenStreetMap. Maybe check out their public API. Its dataset is not as complete as any of the closed alternatives, but it should at least be able to narrow things down for you.
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Try Google Maps API
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The general term you’re looking for is “reverse geocoding”
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reverse geocoding gets you an address from a coordinate. Still does not categorize.
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Foursquare, I'm pretty sure, offers this as an API - there looks to be a (very limited) free tier.
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