Craft cocktails in Austin, TX
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Hi! I'm heading down to Austin, Texas next week and would love to know all about the best craft cocktail bars I should hit up. Thanks!
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Peche is fun, especially if you like absinthe.
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The absolute most fun I've had at a cocktail bar was at Midnight Cowboy, a speak-easy style bar where you have to have a reservation awhile in advance, and know the correct call-button to press on an entryway panel. It's super-intimate - probably about ten tabletops total - and on certain cocktails, they'll bring the mini-bar over to you to give you a walkthrough of the process and the chemistry of making your drink. I'd say it's especially good if you're going with friends, as it is a parties-keep-mostly-to-themselves social ambiance - solo might not be quite as worth it. Anyway, highly recommended!
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Nickel City
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Midnight Cowboy is an absolute must. I am also quite fond of the Weather Up.
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The Roosevelt Room is one of my favorites. I'd suggest making a reservation rather than dropping by.
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Next week will be insufferable in a lot of these places so I will give you another suggestion outside of the zone of sxsw: Tigress on North Loop.
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I second Tigress, but don't tell anyone about it! ;] It's a perfect little spot with fucking amazing cocktails.
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SXSW ends this weekend, right? So next week should be okay, yes?
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Oh you are correct! I would still recommend reservations for Roosevelt Room and they are required for Midnight Cowboy. All the other places are drop-in.
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Seconding the recommendation for Roosevelt Room (and the reservation - it can get pretty crowded and it's nice to have a seat at the bar to watch them make cocktails). Or if your schedule is flexible, I'd suggest trying a time earlier in the day/on a weekday, when it will be slower and the bartenders have time to chat about the drinks.
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My favorites for cocktails in Austin are Garage and the Firehouse Hostel Bar. Neither were what I expected and both are great.
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