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Who are the journalists you follow on Twitter who are people of color, immigrants, Muslim, queer, etc. I want to keep up on national (U.S.), South/Central/North America, and global news but feeling grumpy that all the "who to follow" suggestions Twitter has for me are either white, dudes, or both. I'm also down for journalists who are not U.S. based, like I've been rummaging around Twitter today and ran across coverage of Algeria's general strike.

I really appreciate Daniel Dale's for his coverage of Trump's lies, but less appreciate that he retweets the same circle of folks.
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@WritersofColour is Media Diversified
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Ash Sarkar is a London based, left wing journalist and political activist who is passionate, funny and a talented writer / speaker.
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Going through my Twitter feed:

Jamelle Bouie (formerly of Slate, NY Times opinion writer)
Nikole Hannah-Jones (NY Times)
Ray Suarez (not sure what he's doing now, but long-time NPR guy)
Julia Carrie Wong (Guardian tech reporter)
Shareen Marisol Meraji (from NPR Code Switch podcast)
Gene Denby (Code Switch)
Kat Chow (also from Code Switch)
Adrian Florido (apparently I follow everyone from Code Switch)
Asma Khalid (NPR political correspondent)
Jenna Wortham (NY Times culture writer and podcaster)
Wesley Lowery (Washington Post)
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Some of these are journalists who focus more extensively on race, immigration, religion, etc..., while others don't cover these topics as significant portions of their job but are excellent at what they do. Most are mainly US-focused.

@nhannahjones ‏
@mehdirhasan ‏
@AsteadWesley ‏
@newsbysamuels ‏
@hansilowang ‏
@OsitaNwanevu ‏
@jiatolentino ‏
@suelinwong ‏ ‏
@DavidNakamura ‏
@lomikriel ‏
@Haleaziz ‏
@chrisgeidner ‏
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Ing Wong Ward is a former CBC news producer who is a woman with a disability.

Alice Wong tweeting as herself and on behalf of the Disability Visibility project.
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@snolen (Stephanie Nolen) is a Canadian reporter who is The Globe and Mail’s Latin America bureau chief who covers a lot of stories that don’t nessecarily get a lot of coverage. She most recently moved her base to Mexico City, but has previously been based in Brazil, India, and Africa.
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Murtaza Mohammad Hussain (The Intercept)
Jelani Cobb (New Yorker)
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Thank you! Please add anymore you think of, as long as this thread is open.
I'm gonna have an excellent procrastination session later this week checking out all these folks.
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