How to restore Doc Marten Greasy Lamper suede?
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I have these Doc Martens 'Tobias' boots. When I bought them, they looked like the picture on the website, now they look like this. How do I clean / restore them?

Both their website and social people say the material is something called "Greasy Lamper" and you clean it with just a damp cloth, but it doesn't really help very much.
When I bought the boots they . had a beautiful waxy matte finish all over, now the toes are super shiny (which I especially hate) and the rest is pretty bleah.
I've thought of putting some black shoe polish on them just to get rid of the shine, but I doubt this is the best solution. I know I can't get them to look like new, but halfway decent would be enough. Maybe some kind of wax or silicone?
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Damp cloth, then dry, then mink oil, then buff, repeat if necessary.
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Will that result in a matte finish?
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If you use polish and don't buff it up, it will not get shiny. Use saddle soap to clean, which will help condition and restore the leather. Then use black wax or a pigmented cream like Saphir Renovator to cover the blemishes and scratches and just wipe off the excess and dont buff.
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Looks like your boots need to be re-greased (video is from a different boot maker but shows the process). Doc Marten sells a product to do this.
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Use a suede brush to matte the finish if you prefer that.
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Def try their Dubbin, its has a matte finish. I borrowed a friend's Wonder Balsam (also one of their products), and I found it also produced a matte finish, but I think that's because I didn't make an effort to shine it up. But Dubbin is the product they make specifically for that type of treated leather.
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I have the same style boot, same finish I bought years ago. I've only just brushed off dirt/mud etc, never using any shoe product. I like the way that they have aged. But you don't. SaltySalticid has your answer.
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