smart websites about TV?
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Looking for website with smart writing/discussion about TV shows. Also looking for a website that has information about when seasons end and begin; basically "news" and schedules about TV. Could be two different sites but would be nice to be one.

I like FanFare, but it doesn't have every show and doesn't have schedule information (right?)

I found TVline which seems okay... any other recommendations?
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For the airing dates, I use It doesn't give much of an explanation, so I go to either futon critic or wikipedia to read a better description of the series. Both are linked from the epguide page.
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I really like Vulture. I used to read AV Club all the time but I feel like the quality has gone down over time, and Vulture scractes the same itch it used to. I usually only read the reviews and occasionally the news bits, though, so I'm not sure about the other aspect of your question.
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You might like the industry site TV Tattle, which posts links and round-ups of smart TV writing and of cancellation/return date news.
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For the latter (schedules), is actually pretty cool, you pick the shows you want to watch and it creates a live schedule.
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