Any experiences with a hip bone graft?
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Hi people in Metafilter! Does anyone here have experience with a hip bone graft? I had an accident and broke my wrist. The doctor needs some extra bone to repair my wrist and he said he would take it from the hip.

I would like to know if this operation carries risks and how the general recovery of taking bone from the iliac crest is. From what I read, many people recover without major problems. However, I have read that there are many cases of patients who experience severe pain in the grafting area, even years after the surgery. I read of the case of a woman who, after 20 years, still has pain in her hip and cannot lie on that side of her body. I obviously wouldn’t want to have to go through that, and although I want to recover full mobility in my wrist, I don’t want to end up having two problems instead of one. Also, my job involves some physical activity and although I would take a sick leave after the operation, I would have to resume work after 3 months or so. Therefore, I would really appreciate information about this procedure. In particular, I would like to know how the long term recovery is and if there are any long lasting side effects. Also, is it true that the bigger the size of the grafted bone, the more risks the operation involves? How long after you got the operation are you able to work out? How high is the pain level and how long does it last? Any other information about this procedure, would be of great help.

Thanks a lot for reading!
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I had 3 hip bone grafts as a kid in the 80s, so I imagine surgical techniques have improved since then. I have numbness on both hips, but no pain. I was up on crutches immediately, but I don't remember when I started walking again (it was weeks, not months). The hospital stays were pretty painful, but this was before PCAs (the pain medicine pump where you press a button for another hit). I was in the hospital for 3-5 days each time, but I bet in modern times the stay is more like 3 days. The scars are nothing to speak of. Feel free to memail me with other questions!
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Response by poster: Hi 8603! Thanks a lot for your answer and input. I would like to more things... Did you ever experience any difficulties to walk or to do every day life activities?? I will write you a private message so that you can tell me more about it. Many thanks!!
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Best answer: No, after the initial recovery, I have had no difficulties.
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