Calling all Armchair Actuarial Scientists
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We are within a month or so of closing on a new apartment in a newly constructed building and I'm trying to figure out the degree to which the sponsor "cheaps out" on things and/or "cuts corners."

Well, a month ago, we did a walk through and tested the Electrolux dryer, which stopped after a few minutes with an error message. After some troubleshooting and reading the manual, the dryer was deemed defective and sponsor said a new one would be swapped in. A few days ago, we came through and tested the "new" Electrolux one. After a few minutes, this dryer also stopped working with another (different) unresolvable error message. They're going to replace this one now.

We learned that the new dryer had been swapped in from another apartment in the building which has never been lived in (because it's a newly built building). So, I'm just doing the amateur actuarial science on this and it seems like, in a building with 6 units in them, 2 of the new dryers are defective. That seems fishy. Is the sponsor stocking the apartments with reject appliances? Is that a thing? The other appliances work but now I'm a little skeptical of their longevity.

I know you are working with limited information but just try your best based on what I have told you. Don't worry. I won't base my actions on your advice alone.
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Search online for the models of washer, dryer, stove, fridge, etc. And compare to the best known brands for price and features, including electricity usage estimates.
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Require that the seller offer an extended warranty on all appliances, 5 years, doesn't start until you move in.

Could be indicative of a larger problem with the electrical circuits?

Yes, if 2 of 6 dryers are defective across the entire population of that model of Electrolux, Electrolux would be out of business.
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Are you running these dryers empty, or with dry or wet clothing in them? That may make a difference.
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All new buildings are made with the cheapest everything possible so that the developer can make the most money, period, end of story. You'll find that the walls are made of cheap particle board, etc.

There's also the more lenient theory that developers deliberately put in cheap appliances because they know that the buyers will want to remodel things in their own way, but I'm more inclined to believe the money thing.
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Electrolux is not a "cheap" brand. That's not to say that they're immune to defects, but I'd be inclined to check the circuits, because if they were looking to spend the minimum, they'd go cheaper than Electrolux.
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@explosion I didn't mean electrolux was cheao. Cheaping out in this case would mean getting refurbished/rejected equipment from a scammy dealer.
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