What are some cool Zotero groups?
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After the recent "UC system drops Elsevier subscription" post and all the (justifiable) hate on Elsevier's destruction of Mendeley, a few people mentioned the Open Source and open data alternative, Zotero. Do you know of any really super useful or interesting groups on Zotero?

We also had an Ask recently about getting a ton of useful stuff into Zotero. So, what cool stuff is there that we all are missing? Awesome collections? Stuff accessible to a lay audience? A really well-structured or organized group? Something unexpected? Amazingly complete collections of readings? Or, maybe if the mods allow, toot your own horn gently and link an excellent group you have contributed to?

I'll go first. Lingusitic Landscapes Bibliography has 743 sources in its library. Though a specific academic field of research, a lot of it is interesting and accessible to anyone with an interest in signs, language, and culture. That sounds like some MeFites to me.

Related: Podcast 150 mentioned the useful sub-reddits MetaTalk.
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Best answer: Zotero is the honest-to-god best, though I wonder if the "public sharing" functionality was more popular/fashionable in a Web 2.0 world? That said, here's the Zotero library of the American Cheese Society (as in the American Cheese Society, not the American Cheese Society).
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