What should my Business Title be?
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So I'm filling out the Trade Name Registration Form for my business, and field #6 is "Applicant's Title in Business Entity." I'm a sole proprietorship -- just me at home doing freelance web design -- so what do I put on this line? Do I have leeway to be witty or irreverent?

Oh, this is in DC, for what that's worth.
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I wonder if they mean this kind of title.
posted by exogenous at 7:40 AM on February 23, 2006

How about "sole proprietor"?
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Doing a quick google turns up Trade Name Registration Forms that mean "title" as both "type of ownership" like exogenous mentions and "CEO" like we may all think.

If it's just a "title" like CEO, I think I'd put down "Principal". It sounds businessy and it means "owner/operator" in business speak.

If it's "type of ownership" I havne't the slightest idea. "Sole propietor" may be the right answer.
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Response by poster: There's another field for type of entity, in which I've already checked "Sole Proprietorship."
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Best answer: Your title is "Owner" of the company.
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Best answer: "Principal" or "owner" or "proprietor" are all good.
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Best answer: I don't think being witty or irreverent is the wisest move in legal documents no matter how tempting or being begged for, so I would just go with one of kindall's dull but appropriate suggestions. Then print out a few business cards with your "real" title to distribute to friends and family.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. "Owner" it is, then, though on my business cards it'll probably be... "Brownpau!"
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