How can I care for this leather bomber jacket?
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I have a nice LL Bean leather bomber jacket (which they apparently no longer make) and it's beginning to look a littler more distressed and dirty than I would like. My cleaner just shrugs his shoulders. Any recommendations for a leather conditioner/ cleaner that you think is safe and effective? Thanks!
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I've had good luck with lexol cleaner and conditioner
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I've had great luck with Leather Honey cleaner followed by their conditioner. Expensive but it lasts (particularly the cleaner, which you dilute before using.) No need to get the special cloth, I just used an old t-shirt.
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I have a horse, which means I have lots of leather goods, ranging from saddles to boots to gloves. Plus I have two leather jackets that I dearly love. My products of choice are Leather CPR and Leather Therapy. Leather CPR is a balm, while Leather Therapy is more of a heavy liquid. Then there's always good old glycerin saddle soap. Lexol is good, but can break down stitching after a period of time.
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As long as this isn't suede you can touch it up yourself.

Lexol cleaner is great for basic cleaning - if you need to remove anything more waxy, generic nail polish remover is safe for most kinds of leather. For the actual conditioning I'm fond of Pecard, which comes as a little tub of paste wax that you rub into the leather.
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