What's the best app for a burner number?
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I use my mobile phone for work (I work remotely, and my job doesn't provide another phone), and want to be able to give out a different phone number than my own. Ideally, I'd also like to not be forwarded texts/calls outside of work hours or on the weekends. I'd also like to use the number for things like selling something on Craigslist. I haven't used an app like this before. What do you recommend? Are there any decent free options?
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Google Voice might work for this, except I'm not sure about your restriction for forwarding only during work hours.
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Best answer: Google Voice is exactly what you want, and can absolutely be set up only to forward during work hours. The rest of the time it can go to voicemail.
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For true burner numbers, I use Burner or Talkatone. Free and disposable.
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I use Google Voice for a burner number to give to the parents of the students I take on overseas trips, so they have a local number they can reach me at in case they have a family emergency and need their student sent home early. During the trip I have it forwarded to my personal cell, but the rest of the time it's set up to go straight to voicemail and forwards any voicemails to my school email.
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Another vote for Burner.
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Burner is the way to go.
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With Google Voice, you get a fairly good transcript of voice messages. Texts are forwarded to email. So handy. If you want to spend, you can make calls originating from the GVoice number. I have not tried the other options.
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I use google voice for this.
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I have 6 GV numbers of which at least one of them is for a similar purpose. I set it to do not disturb on a schedule. Voice calls go to voice mail and texts come in but do not give any notification.
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i use burner for this. it has the advantage that once you're done with the transaction you can retire (burn) the number
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