Companies with potential immuno oncology jobs in Madison, WI?
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Potential employers in Madison, WI for someone with a background in immuno oncology?

My partner and I are considering relocating to Madison for my career but haven't had much luck in finding potential employers for her. She has spent the last decade working in the immuno oncology field for big pharmaceutical companies doing biological research and drug development.

What biotech and pharmaceutical companies are located in Madison?

Are there likely any with immuno oncology positions?

Any other biology related employers in Madison?

She does not have a PhD degree (stopped at MS but has more than 15 years experience in the field) so it is very unlikely she would be able to snag a Professorship at the University nor do I think she particularly wants that career path.

She is very (legitimately) concerned about the hit to her career if we move there and probably a big cut in salary unless she can hop to another big pharma company.
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Check your MeFi mail.
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Promega maybe?
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It is very unlikely she would be able to snag a Professorship at the University nor do I think she particularly wants that career path.

At a big research University like UW, there are likely to be lots of research scientist type positions that don't require a PhD, especially if she's willing to stray outside her specific expertise a little
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There are 10+ smaller pharma companies in Madison. It's relatively cheap to live here and you can be the big dog in a smaller company like Exact Sciences. She could almost certainly get A job right now in Madison. If you look at cost of living dollar exchange, it might surprise her that adjusted she is actually making more dollars.
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I came back to ad: while I was postdocing at UW, there was significant competition for research positions. They are poorly paid with minimal benefits. My lab and every other well funded lab I knew of had multiple PhDs working in them for free. Abusive of researchers, postdocs, and students was at a ridiculous level, where only regular verbal abusive was considered exceptionally nice.

Industry on the other hand is understaffed and nearly every company is hiring. Some companies pay barely more than a postdoc for their researchers because see above. I did get several interviews in relatively short order leading to a job offer price adjusted above what a bay area job would pay. So, yeah, industry.
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I've had a much happier time as scientific staff at UW than Kalmya had, but my field is pretty distant from your wife's, so my good experience may not generalize. I will say it can be hard to get a raise without leaving and getting hired back later, and I think that does generalize. Should you want to take a peek, the jobs portal is here.
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Epic Systems in Verona, a suburb of Madison, makes one of the most-used electronic medical records systems in the country, and their system does have a medical oncology module. They hire lots of people with medical backgrounds. If her background includes anything around like evidence-based standards of care and standardized order sets in oncology, that would probably be particularly attractive to them.

Epic itself is only mediocre as an employer, but a couple of years working there opens the door to a lot of well-paid consulting jobs.
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I was going to say Epic too - I've worked with them and they're fabulous. Their HQ is really something spectacular. Lots of opportunity at any medical facility that uses Epic (which is now branching into Canada) once you get into Electronic Health Record deployment and management.
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