Lipstick to match a Mazda
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I'm looking for a fun gift, but I want to get it right, and my googling has been of no avail. I want to buy lipstick and nail polish which matches the colour of a Soul Red Mazda3 (as seen here). I'm in the UK. What matches, or how can I find out for myself?
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I can't answer the question but I have an idea - I would ask the makeup addiction group on Reddit, a dedicated group who can color match for you. There is also a UK group but it's less active. Hope you find it!
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Best answer: You can also try the Makeup Alley forum. Also, Temptalia’s database to check searches for lipstick, she doesn’t do nail polish.
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Best answer: To me it looks to be a cool, blue-leaning red. Taking aside that makeup can look different on various skintones (and many people think that warm orangey tones match warm skin undertones and cool blueish tones match cool skin undertones -- it's complicated) you get for example MAC's Ruby Woo for a lipstick and OPI's Candied Kingdom or Essie's Really Red for nail polish.
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Approaching it from the opposite view, if you go to a Mazda dealership, ask for the promotional brochure that has all the car paint swatches and bring that to Sephora or local equivalent to see if they can match.
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You could also buy a bottle of touch-up paint (which you might need at some point in the future, anyway) and bring that in to the cosmetic store. I have a soul red Mazda, and the paint from the dealer was $15 (US).
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Yes! Go to the store that mixes the paint. Look for something like “industrial finishes and paint”. I was an auto paint jobber in college and we once had a lady come in and had us mix enough paint to match her car to a lip gloss so it can be done the other way around. They can give you a little printout with the exact color and what’s in it (blue, copper, yellow) so you can get the right match and I guarantee the employees will get a kick out of it.

The color in question we mixed was sparkly bubblegum pink.. that was one happy customer when we got it done.
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Can you drive to some store like Sephora or MAC cosmetics, and ask them to look at your car and find the right color?
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For nails, I will suggests OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress.
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It reminds me of Chanel's classic Pirate a little, though it's hard to say not seeing it in person. It also reminds me of a shade of Sugar lipstick called Passion (that I think might be discontinued).
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Best answer: An Affair in Red Square might work as well.
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Last post, I promise: lipstick--MAC Russian Red.
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Look for a store that carries a full (or close to full) line of OPI or Zoya nail polishes. Both brands have a wide color range, including several metallic reds.

Lipstick will be harder to find if you want a shimmery/metallic finish. MAC might be your best bet.
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I have this lipstick! Unfortunately it was a sample, so has no name, but it’s a smashbox liquid lipstick in metallic red. The tube is round, so the internet tells me it’s probably from their “be legendary” line. It smells overpoweringly if sweet vanilla, but it looks amazing.

Looking at Sephora, it might be the colour “crimson chrome”. But colour is hard to see on a phone!
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Colors vary so much from monitor to monitor, you aren't going to be able to guess the correct shade from looking at an online photo, especially since it's a metallic color which will look very different in person.

Definitely get a real life swatch (paint sample or brochure from a Mazda dealership) and take it to a Sephora on a slow day. They will help you find an exact match, and probably with the right level and color of sparkle too. If you can't get to a dealership, maybe customer service can at least give you a Pantone number/CMYK/Hex code for the shade of red.
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Best answer: I have this lipstick and it’s the same one someone upthread mentioned. It’s from Smashbox and it’s glorious and high quality. It’s the Crimson Chrome shade.
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Response by poster: I had no idea the rabbit hole of make up colours ran so deep. After using Temptalia's database and comparing some of the suggestions here with photos, I went with An Affair in Red Square and Crimson Chrome, and my partner got to feel properly fancy for her first drive of the car on IWD!

Thank you all!
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