Moto G4 Android smartphone snubs K-9 email app. Please advise.
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I have a Moto G4 smartphone running Android 7.0. It is snubbing the K-9 email app. Please help me get my email on my phone.

Per prior Ask recommendations, I added the K-9 email app to my phone. I get a failed to synch error message. It looks like you enable synch by adding an account and then choosing a synch method.

If I choose Settings - Accounts - I get a list of existing accounts and + Add account. If I choose + Add account I get a list of apps where my phone thinks I can set up an account. K-9 is not on that list. (Adobe is on that list and I get a "This action is not supported" error message when I tap the Adobe app icon.) How do I get K-9 to appear on that +Add account list?

Is K-9 not compatible with Android 7.0? (Moto is no longer doing OS upgrades for the G4). Have I missed a different menu option?

Additionally, under Settings - Apps - App permissions - Additional permissions there are: Delete Emails, K-9 Mail remote control, Read Emails. When I enable these permissions for K-9 it doesn't "stick". Each permission setting goes back to grayed out unenabled when I leave that screen. Have I turned off some permission that breaks K-9? (I go on privacy rampages through my phone.)

In summary: Do I need to set up an account to synch my phone and use the K-9 email app? If so, how do I do so? If not, please tell me what I need to do to get K-9 working. It looks like a great app.

I am going to delete and re-install K-9 *again* and await your wisdom.

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It sounds to me like you add accounts from within the app. Are you doing it some other way?
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K9 is an IMAP mail client. You have to tell it where your email is being stored so it can log into the server in question to access it.
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Yes, you add an account within k9-mail, not in some other fashion.
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