Where can I rent a suit (NOT A TUXEDO) in the SF Bay Area?
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I have an event in three weeks for which I am told I must wear a suit. I do not have a suit, nor do I anticipate having the need for one again. I have just Marie Kondo'ed my closet and the thought of owning a suit does not spark joy in the slightest. Where can I rent a suit (NOT A TUXEDO) in SF or the east bay?

I have seen this question from 2008, which suggests that I either pick up a suit at a thrift store or find a tux shop that rents one. I don't want a suit in my life any more than necessary so buying one is not my first choice (no matter how inexpensive it is), and a non-scientific survey of some of the local formalwear shops has not turned up one that rents suits (NOT TUXEDOS). I am in the SF east bay, so I'm looking for somewhere in SF or in Oakland-Berkeley. I'm also open to online sources - I feel like there must be something like Rent the Runway for menswear, but my desultory Googling has not turned up anything helpful. Any suggestions?
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Try out jos a banks
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The Black Tux is exactly what you’re looking for. Despite the name, they do suits as well.
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Down here in LA, The Men's Wearhouse rents tuxes but also regular old suits. You get them with the long tie (not a bow tie) and can rent shoes (the non-shiny type) and the shirt, the belt, pocket square, voila. I see they have several Bay Area stores, perhaps call them.
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I second calling a Mens' Warehouse -- I'm in the East Bay and the last time I was in one, they were advertising this tux/suit rental service here too. In fact, a lot of places that rent tuxes will also rent suits, so don't discount those formalwear shops quite yet.
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You can rent a suit from a thrift store for exactly the same price as buying it! There isn't even a late fee if you forget to return it for a couple of days.
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There's The Black Tux, an online 'rent the runway' shop which rents suits as well as tuxes. I've only heard about them via an ad on a podcast I listen to, so no input on quality. They do have a free home try on service, though.
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To follow up on my previous comment, the groomsmen in our wedding used The Black Tux and we were impressed with the quality. They also have very good customer service. One of our groomsmen has his suit delivery stolen off his doorstep, and they were able to expedite another one in time. They have showrooms at some Nordstrom locations, so if you’re near one you can check them out in person.
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bluloo and lovecrafty had it right - the Black Tux was exactly what I was looking for. I got measured in person at Nordstrom and the suit was delivered about a week later. It fit well and looked great! My only quibble was that the sleeves of the jacket were shortened by tacking them up in two or three places, which meant that I had to be very careful getting my hands through the cuffs lest I get my fingers under the tacked-in part and turn it inside out. That's a very minor thing though - A++ would rent again!
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