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Winter is neverending, and I could use some more beauty in my life. Looking for your favourite Instagram accounts featuring beautiful non-consumer-product images.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for beautiful images? I'm looking for things like abstract art, geometric shapes, lush flowers, and unusual geography. I do *not* want to feel the urge to purchase said beautiful things, so standard tropical vacation destinations and beautifully photographed interiors are a maybe, while individual decor items or jewelry, no matter how artistic and gorgeously curated, are a no. Also, I am not into cute animals (yes, because I have no heart.) Thank you in advance for adding a bit of colour to this drab drab world!
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Best answer: The US Interior feed is quite lovely.
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Adam Hillman arranges things (mostly food) in colorful, pleasing ways.
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Best answer: I just started following the main National Parks feed and Joshua Tree National Park and they have been delightful additions to my Instagram experience.

Natalie Christensen's photography seems like your jam.

You might like looking through the hashtag #photosthatshouldbepaintings, which my rad artist friend Chad Kouri started. There's some goofy clickbait nonsense in there now but also some folks being creative with colors and shapes. (I also love Chad's art and you might too.)
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Despite the name, if you high has lots of pleasing visuals even if one is not high, sometimes of nature, sometimes fractals, sometimes just random lovely things to look at.
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do you like neon?
neon sign junkyard in London (they do sell stuff but you have to email for prices, it's not an easy thing to just impulse buy)
neon cityscapes
more neon cityscapes
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Streetview portraits
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she's a baker of pies that are AMAZING geometric works of art.

these are fire lookouts in the PNW - I like these because they are actually gorgeous photography

insta repeat
this is a fun one, because it gently pokes fun at all the "sameness" that's on instagram.
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sorry, one more

street artist. his work is amazing and looks 3D.
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Floret and Tarrnation Flower Farm!
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Design dautore

More than just hdr shots of clouds!
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Best answer: I used to live in a backwater region of Japan (Shimane), and now I follow lot of Insta accounts from there because it was so pretty and underappreciated. I started with an account called Shimanegram that takes submissions. Some of the best photos from there come from Laege_field and Izumohunt.masaru. And another favorite account is from a Japanese guy Ichi_Kai_Chan and his travels through Europe and Northern Africa.
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Tourism instagram

Travel and Leisure
Explore Charleston
Official account of Charleston

Just any place where you want to go
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2 eyes walking, mostly nature, shapes, color.
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I don't quilt and technically a commodity but I just followed the Modern Quilt Guild and I love the bold beautiful quilts and their often thoughtful and deep (!) stories.

I also love the work of illustrator Lisa Congdon and photog Wright Kitchen.

The blog Cup of Jo sometimes does a roundup of great Instagram accounts that fit this bill, you could search her archives.
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Olga Noskova and Dinara Kasko both make extremely beautiful cakes. I guess this is on the borderline of consumer products (in that they sell the cakes and the cakes are literally consumable, also there are occasional ads for cookbooks, but both feeds are mostly just a ton of beautiful cakes).
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Best answer: I’d suggest following botanical gardens and the people who work in them.
Billy van Baker is fun.
Coralie is pretty great
Sadie is doing some fun things during her time at Longwood.
Chanticleer and Lisa Roper are wonderful
I enjoy dogwalkdiarynyc quite a bit. Might be repetitive though

Eleanor Gould
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Best answer: @TheGreatWomenArtists
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Response by poster: Friends, my Insta is so so beautiful now. It is significantly improving my quality of life. Today I bought a latte and a slice of cake and scrolled along happily for a few minutes -- insta(HA!!)-vacation. Thank you all so much, and special thanks to torridly for introducing me to Natalie Christensen and #photosthatshouldbepaintings -- you 100% get what I am looking for, in Insta and possibly in life.
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Rose Ramasilo

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