Locations Used for "Gloomy Sunday"
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Does anyone know that actual location in Budapest of the restaurant that was used in the film, "Gloomy Sunday"? I checked on the IMDB site, and while it lists a number of locations in Budapest, it doesn't show which is the actual location of the restaurant. We loved this film and are planning to visit Budapest soon, and would love to go to this location.
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If you can provide a link to a still from the film or something like that, i'll have a look - I love scavenger hunts!
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It wasn't Kispipa Vendéglő, was it? Apparently it has a connection to the song.
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IMDB entry.

In the film, it was called Szabo. Is there a restaurant in Budapest actually called Szabo (or whatever the local grammar is for "Szabo's")?

There are interior pictures here and maybe here.

But maybe the place never really existed?
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