Looking for a queer-friendly therapist in Seattle
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What it says on the tin. I miss having a therapist and I've got a lot welling up now that I'm finally settling down. Some specifics in what I'm looking for below the cut.

I prefer talk therapy rather than CBT or more...technique-based stuff? (I've had CBT in the past and it was wonderful, but honestly, I really just need to talk to someone about my relationship with my mother, you know?) My prior therapist was an absolute dream, but is unfortunately in another city. She was very gentle and good at catching out my BS. She wasn't a Jungian exactly (is anyone, anymore?), but I really responded to her acknowledgement and folding-in of alternative beliefs, religion, etc.

I assume basically any therapist in Seattle is queer-friendly, but I need someone who acknowledges asexuality exists, and isn't going to want to fix that. This is non-negotiable. I have a history of disordered eating, so someone who can deal with that when it comes up would be great, but this one isn't a dealbreaker.

Location: within Seattle proper, basically. I'd prefer north of downtown and west of Lake Union, or downtown itself, but please don't let this limit you. Must be accessible by public transit. (Which is all of Seattle, anyways.)

I'll be paying out of pocket for this, so I can't do, like, $500/hr, but I can afford a decent rate.

Thank you so much!
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I see somebody at Mindful Therapy Group and it's basically all talking. You might want to take a look through their directory; they've set it up so you can find all the counselors with particular specialties, and when you make your first appointment they ask you what areas you want to focus on and find you someone who works in as many of them as possible.
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Contact Women's Therapy Referral Service. It's like therapist matchmaking. You get an intake appointment and then get matched with three different therapists. You get to try them out for a short get-to-know-you chat and then get to choose (or not) to keep working with one of them.
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Thank you, these are awesome options!
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