Painful issue with testicles rising over pubic bone
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TesticleFilter: Painful issue with testicles rising at point of orgasm.

When I orgasm my testicles rise right out of my scrotum and end up either side of my penis sitting above my pubic bone. This leaves them prone to being squashed between my body and that of my girlfriend.

I realise that contraction of the scrotum is normal during orgasm, but to this extreme is obviously a painful problem. Certain positions reduce the chance of this happening... any position where gravity is keeping my balls down is helpful, where as positions such as girl on top tend to make the situation worse.

I can prevent my testicles from riding up if I hold a hand pressed against my pubic bone, or actually hold my scrotum / pull it down.

So... questions! Anyone else experience this issue? Any good ideas as to solutions? Would a cockring help? (From my understanding the position of the ring may prevent the testicles from rising so high)
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As long as the only pain comes from pressure between two bodies, a cockring could be a good solution. You would want to get a double ring that has one loop specifically for the penis, and one for the testicles. A ring with just a loop for the penis will do you no good. You will want to make sure that it is either a relatively hard rubber or leather, as if it has too much give, it wont stop your testicles.
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Never heard of this problem before, but you don't need a double ring. Proper cock rings are intended to be worn around the base of the cock and around the back of the balls.

But I do think a ring would help. Get an adjustable one (sizing/tightness is really individual) and try it when you're jerking off to get the hang of it, so to speak. If all it takes to keep your balls from sucking up into your abdomen is you pulling your scrotum down (or are you pulling the balls too?) I wouldn't think you'd need a super sturdy or rugged one, just one that will give enough squeeze to keep them from popping through. And if it's your first cock ring I'd definitely recommend something that you could cut or otherwise remove while hard -- you don't want to get stuck.

Let us know how it goes!
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See a doctor.

Ask about hernias.

/jealous that you're currently boning a chick
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Ask/teach, her to gently give them a downward tug for you at that special moment, this may delay your ejaculation for a few moments, don't think of this as an impediment, but as opportunity to communicate
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See a doctor. There may be fertiliity issues, and a surgical solution may be indicated.
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Wait, really? The testicle moving up like that is symptomatic of a hernia?
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It certainly sounds like a hernia - just not the kind usually seen in men. You should see a urologist.

The testes descend from the abdomen into the scrotum during embryonic development. They need to stay down in the scrotum because sperm die if they get too warm. That's the fertility issue.

It sounds (to this surgical RN, anyway) like your abdominal wall did not develop as it should and cannot keep the testes down where they're supposed to be. If so, it's possible that part of your intestine could herniate through that same opening, and that's a bit more concerning.

Go see your doctor. I don't think this is something you should treat yourself until you've been examined.
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Often with hernias the testicles with be like solid rock to the touch, with very little squishiness. It's possible that the pain felt there upon orgasm is coming from a side effect of that hardened condition, indicative of a hernia. I hope for your sake it is not the case (I have had one hernia operation when I was very young, and one examination for a possible (false) hernia in late teens whereby the doctor told me of such conditions).
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1. the testes don't descend during embryonic development, they descend during puberty. an embryo doesn't even have a scrotum for christ's sake.

2. balls going back up the way they came down for ten seconds is not going to make this guy infertile, unless he's running a 212-degree fever, in which case his biggest fertility issue is going to be his girlfriend's scalded vagina.

3. if you think his intestines are going to fall out into his sack through the ball-hole, you need to go back to medical school.
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If your intestines fall into your sack you know about it. Believe me. Unfortunately, I know this first hand.
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FWIW, I your same exact problem happens to me and I've had hernia surgery in the past.
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Crabintheocean. A little googling suggests that most human males have external testis by birth and certainly before puberty. I have vivid and painfull memories of confirming that my own testis were in fact in my scrotum at a relatively early age.

I do share your skepticism about both infertility and hernia risk.
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I'm pretty damn sure I had balls before puberty.
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Right, I don't know what I was thinking when I typed that. I try to get all smartass about my superior ball knowledge and end up talking crap and getting told. You guys sure know your balls.

In any case, it's common for them to descend after birth and the hole they come down through is normal, not a hernia, and not a failure of the abdominal wall to develop, or whatever lambchop1 was saying.
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I love the way we can't go back and edit on MeFi.
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Weird; I have this same issue. I thought everyone experienced it. :-p
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Well, I've had similar. Exercising in cold weather causes retraction for me, especially cycling. But sexual arousal can do the same. I've heard of plenty of guys who have the same experiences. However it sounds like yours is pretty bad, especially if it happens all the time. An examination is surely worth the inconvenience.
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Certainly, you want to get that looked at.

Assuming nothing is really wrong, that you just have slightly non-standard anatomy, you don't need a cock ring which sounds like an unnecessary complication, you need a separate soft restraint just above the testes, too small to allow them to pop back in. I know someone who has this, and he uses the elastic top cut off a lady's knee high nylon, and ties a knot in it to get the right size. He has a tiny leather strap one with a snap on it made the right size by a shoemaker for dress wear.

Someone I used to know had a hernia, which he discovered when his wife inquired why he suddenly had three of them in there.

Of course, YBMV.
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YBMV... your balls may vary? :-)
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Your Balls May Vary.
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