How much weight can a fridge support?
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I took down two ikea “over fridge” cabinets when we got our new fridge and freezer. They were attached to the wall at the time. The fridge and freezer are higher now so the fittings don’t match. Can I just sit those cabinets on top of the units?

Units are from Samsung ca 2012 and have the same footprint as the cabinets. The metal frame of the fridge is visible at the top so the support is clear. The cabinets are IKEA ca 90s I would guess. Chipboard, 5 sided cubes (wire frame in back for ventilation from fridge). If I only keep baking tins, Tupperware and other light stuff in them can I just sit them on top of the units?
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Best answer: I wouldn't think twice about doing this.
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Best answer: Might fail in a few hundred years but yeah, go for it.
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Best answer: Totally fine. I've put way more weight on top of a fridge.
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Best answer: It will make it annoying if you need to pull the fridge away from the wall to clean behind it/vacuum off the coils.
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Best answer: Without precautions things might slip and slide some if say you slam the fridge door or have to pull hard to open it.
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Best answer: Your refrigerator may not be this strong but it will easily handle the weight you want to put on it.
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Best answer: One note - We have a pair of leftover Ikea cabinets that we perched on top of a large bookcase for extra storage. They're full but not full of particularly heavy things. We've found that they wiggle a bit when you open and close them if not attached to something - not enough to be a safety risk, but we need to readjust from time to time to keep them 100% aligned (so they don't look wonky). You should also check that the doors will fully open - fridge hinges can often stick up above the top a bit, and Ikea cabinet doors generally hug the bottom of the frame, so there isn't any clearance below for the cabinets to open fully if even a little blocked.
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Best answer: I might cut a piece of plywood for either the bottom or the back and/or screw them down/together since they're no longer affixed to the wall. But that weight should be no problem.
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Best answer: Get some little bits of rubber as feet so the cabinet can't slide around but...yeah, a fridge can support pretty much anything you can throw at it. I've knelt on top of fridges to install ledger boards to hang cabinets on.
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Best answer: I would make sure that the reefer is setting level on all four corners loaded equally .
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Response by poster: They’re all good answers Bront! Thanks, seems this was one of those things where it’s a five. Love you metafilter, the seven year exile of my cabinets is now at an end! Soon anyhow.
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