A Filtered Twitter?
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Is there a way I can view my twitter feed WITHOUT any RT's or Likes from the people I follow? So I would only see tweets they wrote? That's all I want to see. I'm open to apps if necessary, but hopefully free.
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Tweetbot has the ability to filter your feed this way. It is incredibly refreshing, whenever I do it.
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It doesn't look like this is possible from the stock Twitter web UI, but it can definitely be done in Tweetbot (I implemented a retweet filter after realizing that the outrage amplification from seeing the same thing retweeted over and over was doing me no favors). Looks like it's possible in TweetDeck, too; I was just able to build a filter to do it in the TweetDeck web UI.
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There's no global way to do this in stock twitter, but if you go to the profile of someone you're following, there's an option to turn off retweets for that individual. If you follow few enough people, this might be workable.
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what you want is realtwitter.com, or to put this string in the search box: "filter:follows -filter:replies"
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How techy are you? I’ve written an R script to disable RT for all accounts I follow, which works by automating the step juv3nal mentions. The R script requires you to have both an R installation and a Twitter Developer account in order to access your Twitter account via the API. I keep meaning to put the whole thing on GitHub but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

To get around the Likes I switched my TL to chronological order.
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This lifehacker technique still works:


It's 3 simple steps, and the third one looks all hackerish:

a=Array.prototype.slice.call(document.querySelectorAll("div.ProfileCard-content div.dropdown"));a.forEach(function(e) {e.querySelector("button").click(); e.querySelector("li.retweet-off-text button").click(); })

Here's what that says in English:

Dear Browser,

Find all the little drop downs for the profiles on this page. For each of them, find the button that turns off retweets. Click it for me, would you?

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Caveat: I've not tried it, but supposedly you can mute "RT @".
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I just go to realtwitter.com which does it automatically.
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To hide other people’s likes, I added the following as muted words - to add them on the app it’s under Settings->Content Preferences->Muted words->Add. No idea if it will work forever, but it’s worked for a few months now:

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here's an website you can use to turn off retweets for everyone you follow in stock Twitter: turn off retweets. on mobile you can click "show latest tweets" in the top right and those two things combined just get you things people tweeted.
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