What's that *french* song?
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Heard in cafe, couldn't find out...

Sounded at first retro, Swingle Singers-ish female harmony sung in French (?maybe? - couldn't quite catch the lyrics),
then went into a sinister/creepy recorder solo, and some more singing,
then a long outro with various instruments (a piano, maybe an autoharp and ???) clattering around.
Midtempo, sounded maybe like something from a soundtrack, reminded me of Os Mutantes a little...
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Camille - Les Ex? It has clattery stuff going on towards the end and an Os Mutantes tang....
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Could have been any number of Stereolab songs?
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Sounds like Stereolab.
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Thanks for the responses, but I should have included this in the question -
I'm a big Stereolab fan, that's what made me pay attention to the song in question. It's not them though, or Lætitia Sadier solo. Also not Broadcast or Melody's Echo Chamber or the 'Valerie and Her Week of Wonders' soundtrack, though it bore some resemblance to all of those...
(I didn't just ask at the cafe because we were in a rush and the one barista was very busy at the time, and they may or may not be working the next time I can go back.)
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C'est toi qu'elle prefere - Alice et moi? Doesn't end quite like you say but there's a fairly wild bit two-thirds of the way through.... Not at all confident this is what you describe.
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Would this be a little too much French recorder?

Last FM's "Artists Similar to Lætitia Sadier " page might give you some ideas. For example I found Mondade - who she collaborated with and Françoiz Breut - you can do this for the other artists you mentioned too.
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It was Os Mutantes version of 'Le Premier Bonheur du Jour', which I've heard many times before, and I'm abashed about not remembering!
Thanks folks for the suggestions for new stuff to listen to, though!
(Thanks especially to freya lamb, you were right! I needed to review my Mutantes albums. I think much of the 'clattering' was ambient!)
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