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I'm looking for podcast recommendations similar to The Dollop. I enjoy the strong storytelling mixed with comedy. I've tried Last Podcast on the Left and it was a bit hit or miss on the storytelling. My Favorite Murder was interesting, but I would like more in-depth research. Potential topics: history, horror, true crime, willing to give almost anything a shot really. Thanks!
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You might like the Omnibus Project, hosted by Ken Jennings and John Roderick. The conceit is that they're cataloging interesting things/moments/stuff in history in an omnibus time capsule for whatever evolved beings survive whatever oncoming cataclysm may occur. They have episodes on things like the French Foreign Legion, the bodies left on Everest, flagpole sitters, and very overdue library books. It's a funny, casual, frequently rambling, but reasonably well-researched podcast.
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It's a lot more niche, but Archaeological Fantasies - where actual archaeologists talk about historical crackpot science - scratches exactly the same itch for me that The Dollop does. It doesn't have the improv aspect, but the dialogue is witty and meandering. Unlike most other history and science podcasts, I've never been annoyed that I know more about the topic than the hosts.
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Sawbones is also worth a try.
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Behind the Bastards might be up your alley.
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This is right up my husband’s alley (he likes all of those you mentioned, The Dollop the most). He recommends Do Go On and will watch this thread with interest, so thanks for asking this question!
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As a fan of the Dollop, I find I also like al lot of the Slate podcasts, and though they don’t have the back-and-forth character bits that Dave and Gareth do, they’re deep information, well researched, told in a conversational style.

Lexicon Valley, about linguistics, has been hosted for the last two years by John McWhorter, whose mix of linguistic theory and esoteric broadway and pop music clips with personal anecdotes is delightful.

Whistlestop, about the presidency and presidential campaigning is delivered by veteran reporter John Dickerson in a rapid-fire newscaster style which only rarely pauses for a beat to acknowledge the bone-dry witticisms he weaves into the narrative.

Hit Parade is about the history of the pop charts but also about how the music business works and how it affects and is affected by larger cultural and demographic trends
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You’ll probably like the Rexy Family of podcasts:

Rex Factor
Totalus Rankium
Saga Thing
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Nthing Behind the Bastards and adding You're Wrong About...
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If you're looking for a strong mix of storytelling & goofy dudes, and you don't need it to be non-fiction, you might try out The Adventure Zone.
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Definitely Behind the Bastards. You might also like Oh No Ross and Carrie and Weird History.
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I just finished Teacher's Pet and it was excellent.

Also the BBC's In Our Time has a huge backlog and you can subscribe to the whole thing or just certain topics (History, Arts, Science, etc).
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