Apps to keep me motivated for the long haul.
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I've been using this app to keep a gratitude journal, and I'm very happy with – this is the first time I've stuck with a gratitude journal for more than a week (57 day streak and counting). I'd like something similar to track "eating healthy", "drinking only in moderation", "working out regularly", stuff like that. Must be simple and encouraging. Suggestions?

I already use MyFitnessPal to count calories and I'm going to continue using it, but there is way too much going on in that app to answer the simple questions "Did I do a good job? Is my streak alive?" I would like something simpler. I'm not sure if I want a single app for all of these healthy behaviors or if I want separate apps for each healthy behavior (food, alcohol, exercise, sleep) so recommendations for all-in-one apps or individual apps are fine.
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Perhaps Habit Loop can fill all your needs.
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Daylio is more of a mood tracker, but it does have a "goals" function.
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I like the Streaks app for this
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I use Habitbull.
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Habitica adds an RPG gamification twist to keeping streaks alive. I sometimes get sick of the game and just hit the check boxes as appropriate, so you can make it as simple (no game play) or complex (quests with large parties you met in the tavern chat room) as you want.
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Habitica. The more you keep up your streaks, the more points your character gets, and you get to outfit it with dressier 8-bit outfits, etc. You can also team up so that not keeping your streak harms others.
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NSAID -- jinx.
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I did the free trial of Fabulous and found it too busy / notification heavy for my liking but it might be the all-in-one you seek. In the free version they give YOU the habits, probably in premium you can choose. Their suggestions were basic and good though-- drink water, gratitude journal, eat breakfast, and exercise.
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For exercise, getting a garmin watch (forerunner 235) has been useful - it tracks heart rate, calories burnt, sleep, steps and running. I also then use smashrun which does more streaks and other gamification aspects. You can get more advanced models that do a range of activities and guided workouts.
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I also use Habit Loop. It is open source with no ads and a very clean interface.
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