Veggie eats in Big Easy?
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Vegetarian in New Orleans. I will be there during Mardi Gras, and need to find some good chow. (The previous question tagged with vegetarian and New Orleans was pretty disappointing). I will be in Jefferson Parish, mainly, and on a pretty tight budget. Also needed- recommendations for good record stores in the Big Easy. I will be there next week.
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I can tell you that the po-boy called the Paisano is terrific; cheese and olives. Get it at Fiorellos on Decatur in the Quarter.

Also in the Quarter:

The Baked Potato at at Port of Call is the biggidy-bomb. Get it loaded with sour cream.

The Alpine has excellent pasta dishes.

Avoid Cafe Du Monde -- it's unremarkable and overcrowded. Go to Cafe Beignet instead.

You can get great po boys at any grocery store in the city. Go to the back and find the deli. It's where all the locals get a quick bite.

Jay's Flying Burrito has great vegetarian Mexican food. It's near City Park.

Record stores: Louisiana Music Factory in the Quarter.
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Juan's Flying Burrito! Juan's Flying Burrito!

I was there last June, and it was just about the only place I found good, cheap eating. Hookah Cafe was also excellent, though I only had a snack.
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According to the Gambit Restaurant Guide, the Melonhead Cafe and Market on Dauphine is good and cheap. Never been myself. Not a whole lot else listed as strictly vegetarian. But despite what most people may think about the Deep South and our disgusting, carnivorous culinary habits, most restaurants I've been to here have veggie options, though they may not be labeled as such. People are nice. They'll tell you.

A lot of requests for vegetarian po-boys may be met with skepticism from behind the counter, with the exception of the Fiorellios' Paisono, mentioned above. Most of the time you'll get a dressed cheese sandwich.

There's plenty of Vietnamese, Morrocan, Greek, Italian, etc. restaurants where you'll be fine. And I'll second Juan's Flying Burrito. And if you eat seafood, you'll definitely be fine. At any rate, if you find something in the yellow pages or on the internet, call first. Not everything is quite open.
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Ditto Juan's Flying Burrito on Magazine Street.

Reginelli's on Magazine Street has awesome pizza/salads.

Also there's a good cheap vegetarian place in the Marigny called Old Dog New Trick - not sure it's status post-hurricane...
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As a post-script, don't order the "veggie plate" without asking at most places. That thing that looks like bacon lurking in your green beans is, in fact, a giant slab of bacon.
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Juan's. Shit. My memory was destroyed with the hurricane.
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For good really-on-a-budget vegan food check out the free Rainbow Kitchen meals in Washington Square Park right off the Quarter. Three meals a day to whomever needs them, all free, & tasty. Even if you don't eat there, it's a wonderful example of the volunteer, grassroots community-based aid that's sprung up in post-Katrina NOLA.
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The Baked Potato at at Port of Call is the biggidy-bomb. Get it loaded with sour cream.

yes, Yes, YES!
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Peppermint22, Old Dog New Trick closed nearly two years ago. There's a bar there now, 13, that has some decent vegetarian bar food.

klangklangston, I don't know much about restaurants in Jefferson Parish. There is a good Mexican place, Carretta's, on Veterans near the Causeway, and if I remember right they don't put lard in their beans (assuming you care about that).

In the city, you will have the best luck with ethnic food; if you try to eat at most traditional New Orleans/Creole places, you will end up with a salad and fries. I'd second the suggestions for Juan's Flying Burrito (on Magazine; the one near City Park hasn't yet reopened) and Hookah Cafe. You might also try Mona's (Middle Eastern) on Frenchmen. Nirvana on Magazine (Indian) has a cheap-ish lunch buffet.

Some less cheap places: Lola's in the Bayou St. John has really great veggie paella and some other veggie options. Bayona on Dauphine is pricey but totally wonderful.

If you are able to splurge one night while you're in town, go to Ralph's on the Park, which has a separate vegetarian menu. (Haven't been there since H-Kat, but even if they're serving a limited menu, they have great food and are always willing to make a veggie option.)
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If it's open, The Tiffin Inn on Veterans makes good pancakes, and is a fun restaurant.

There's always Popeyes. It started in Louisiana, and, honestly, is actually where locals go to eat. And, trust me, Popeyes in New Orleans is better than Popeyes elsewhere.

Recommended: Put "Check Mr. Popeye" by Eddie Bo and "Popeye the Sailor Man" by Huey "Piano" Smith on your iPod while you eat there. Trust me -- it'll make the experience.
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Napoleon House has a few good veggie items, and a fantastic wait staff.
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