Could someone who reads Chinese please help me uninstall a Win10 add-on?
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I rashly installed an add-on for Win 10 (Clover 3) providing tabs for File Explorer. After installing, I quickly realized I don't want to use it, and further reading suggests it might be best to uninstall it altogether, but instructions to do so are only provided in Chinese.

I have already disabled it in Manage Add-ons (so my File Explorer windows are back to normal), but when I go to Apps & Features to uninstall it, I end up at either of these screens:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Could someone kindly translate the characters so I know which selections to make in order to get rid of this thing?

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Make the selection in #2 to delete (#1 is upgrade instead of uninstall) and then tick the box to delete your personal settings.
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(also, if you have a phone with google translate installed it actually does a functional enough job translating real time through the camera!)
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Are you sure you want to uninstall Clover?
(o) Upgrade me to latest version
(x) No, please uninstall

N="Next Step", C="Cancel"
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Thanks, folks! Deleted.

(I am new to Windows; I see that there are still a bunch of files ending with "exe.del" and "dll.del" in the Program folder. Are things like that usually left behind? Is it okay to delete those (manually)?
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The .del files were probably files that were renamed by the uninstall program because they were in use and unable to be deleted. Try rebooting and see if it finishes the uninstall job.
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If it doesn't get removed after a reboot, it's normally perfectly OK to delete the program folder manually post-uninstall. Most Windows software leaves a certain amount of cruft.
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