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I have been using a Juul to help with quitting cigarettes. It was working for a while but now abruptly I'm having issues. Help me understand why this is happening and how to fix it.

I bought a silver Juul back in January and at first it was working quite well. I liked the way the pods crackled and the mimicking of the "throat hit" of a cigarette when I pulled on the Juul.

After about three weeks it stopped working properly; the pods wouldn't crackle and I wasn't getting much of a hit. I have googled every single hack for this and wasn't having much success. I activated my warranty on the Juul website and got a replacement device. Same issues occurred. I then ordered another Juul - the normal dark colored one - thinking that maybe the silver ones aren't as good. I'm having the same issues with the regular Juul.

What gives? Why is this happening? This was a really effective nicotine replacement device for me for a while and now it's frustrating and underwhelming. Is this a pod issue? I have bought pods locally from gas stations, a local vape shop, and online from Juul directly, and am still experiencing these problems. Why did my first Juul stop working and why are my replacement devices also not working? I don't want to keep dropping money on this as half of the reason why I quit cigarettes was the expense. Other e-cigarettes have been underwhelming to me, nicotine patches irritate my skin, and nicotine gum makes me retch.

Any advice from fellow Juul users would be much appreciated.

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Have you tried just vaping? You get the same throat hit and there are a lot more variables you can tweak to tailor the best experience for what you're looking for.
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This usually happens on my Blu pods when there is juice leaking from somewhere and interfering with the connection between the bottom of the pod and the terminals inside the actual device. Try running a cotton swab over the connections and see if that helps.
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Leaking is definitely a problem with Juuls, and unfortunately at some point you'll get a leaky pod that floods the 'airway' inside the device itself. Hopefully, you were able to get that second device for free under warranty. If not, definitely register the new one and consider getting a free replacement.

What I'm about to describe next is totally warranty-voiding: if you take a car key and push up on the bottom (charging) end, you can 'push' the guts of the device up and out of the pod side. You'll notice that there's a little rubber piece that surrounds the 2 pins that touch the pod, and also has a 'channel' that goes down to a pressure sensor sorta near the LED. This rubber piece can be removed and cleaned with water/rubbing alcohol/etc. Liquid in that air channel is probably your problem. Also check the rest of the guts for leakage and clean it out, especially around that pressure sensor (but be delicate around it). Then, you can reassemble and push the guts back up through the bottom (charging) end.

It stinks, but the leakage happens to all Juuls eventually. The method I described above works, but obviously not everyone is comfortable doing that, and it sorta opens the door to, uhhh, fiddlyness. That said, it's a known fix and you could probably search youtube for 'juul leak fix' or similar to see a video of somebody performing the fix, if that'd help.
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I wanted to come back and mention that I recently upped my pod game to the SMOK Nord, which is a refillable pod system. I so, so, SO prefer it to any other e-cig/pod system that I have tried, including Juul. And there has been zero leaking, no problems with crackle delivery, no mouthfull of juice at random, no overpowering urges to go back to cigarettes.

Getting a "pod mod" was way less intimidating for me than diving into full-on vaping--there's so much info and jargon surrounding vapes that I found it hard to even now where to start, but the Nord is super intuitive and easy to use. Also way cheaper.

If you're interested, the Nord kit will run you about 25 bucks online, and I definitely think it's worth it. I got a (gigantic!) sample pack of e-juice for a DOLLAR here; it's lasted me a couple months at this point (I was refilling my Blu pods with it) and I haven't even made a dent in my supply. Plenty of menthol/mint and regular tobacco flavors available; my husband smoked Peter Stokkebye rollies and he found a bunch of flavors that he loves.
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