Career advancement resources wanted for 33 year old professional.
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A client of mine is 33 years old, working in the medical supply field (specifically, selling orthopedic braces to hospitals in the US). He is looking to move his career forward in that field or a related area. My client's company does not offer solid career advancement opportunities/resources. I'm hoping this esteemed group would be able to point us to resources that might assist him. These resources might look like support groups, online forums/groups, online/irl educational opportunities, books, etc. (all ideas welcome). Thanks in advance!
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I would suggest he look at major insurance carriers. They often have analyst positions that are entry-level and many are telecommuter positions. If you want specific positions or companies you can message me :)
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I'm a psychotherapist and career counselor in private practice, but not yours/your client's.

The information you have provided is insufficient to make any recommendation. I would suggest you locate and refer to a career counselor who can work with this person directly.
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