"You can't make toast with a pair of loafers."
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I'm looking for a TV commercial that aired in Boston around 1982-'83. I don't remember the product, but the ad ended with a man in a suit and tie returning home with a shopping bag, opening the bag, and throwing two pieces of bread at a pair of men's shoes still in the box. A male voiceover closed the ad with "you can't make toast with a pair of loafers."

The ad looked like it was shot on 35 and not on video, and I believe there were some exterior shots in a typical suburban neighborhood. I'm guessing it was for a retailer, and it may have been about their return policy.

A preliminary search for this ad doesn't turn up anything but men's shoes. Does this ad ring a bell?
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Hrm. Grew up in Boston in the 80s, but I'm not remembering this at all. I've had luck finding other obscure local video by going on YouTube and watching a similar clip (I often start with "I can walk like a penguin!"), then going down a rabbit hole of recommended videos.
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Was it Lechmere? You could return anything there.

(Sorry: I only arrived in Boston in 1990.)
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Your thread is sadly devoid of answers, so as a gesture of support and comfort I will offer this reminder of a terrible nightclub's relentless, st00pid, call-and-response radio spot from the mid-90s.


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