Ideas on how to use a delicious spicy gravy
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I made a delicious Jamaican oxtail stew but misjudged the amount of liquid to oxtail. Now we have consumed all the oxtail and are left with this beautiful, delicious spicy gelatin filled stew gravy. It seems like a waste to throw it out - what else can I do with it?

Can I throw in more stew meat and cook it in an instant pot? Freeze it and reuse it next time I have more oxtail? What else can I do with it so it doesn't go to waste?
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put it on rice?
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Cook grains in the stew using your instant pot! Sop it up with bread! Eat it on potatoes! (Simmer vegetables in the stew for a less carb-y option!)
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Slow cook a lot of collard greens and then add the gravy for the last hour or so of simmering.
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Yes, freeze for when you want gravy or to add to the next beef stew.
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I personally would use that as a starter for soup--instant pot would be a good place to make this happen, with a small amount of beef or ham, some canned or dried beans, and a few sturdy vegetables like a mix of diced celery, carrot, onion, peas, & potato, and enough water to make it soup and not stew.
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That sounds nice. I would freeze it to use as a soup base or, indeed, just as gravy in the future. I would probably also experiment with using it as a marinade for chicken wings, but I tend to experiment with literally everything as a marinade for chicken wings.
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I bet it would be amazing over some creamy polenta, maybe with Brussels sprouts? Mmmmm....
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Sounds like amazing poutine waiting to happen...
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> Can I throw in more stew meat and cook it in an instant pot? Freeze it and reuse it next time I have more oxtail?

Hell yes.
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Potatoes. Mashed potatoes. Noodles. Spooned over dressing. Rice.
This is comfort food on a cold winter's evening.
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Cook some French green lentils in it.
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invite me over to eat it with rice? I am uncomfortable and you have the beginnings of perfect comfort food.

More seriously, do you ever oven roast other meats, tofu, root veggies, pasta, or anything else? This sounds like a very easy sauce to stick in the freezer until something savory needs to be improvized in the oven.

Also, potatoes and all gravy go so well together.
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Sounds like it would be incredible on grits, or polenta as cakelite said.
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I would def freeze, use it for an Asian noodle bowl, either to fancy up a quick ramen lunch or take a more serious endeavor to the next level.
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Reusing it for some more stew would be my first call, if that's on the table. Otherwise, it would clearly make a god sauce for rice, potatoes or, depending on the spice profile, fresh pasta. This last one is something I have definitely had in Italy (e.g., tagliatelle con sugo di ossobuco, also known as fresh pasta sauced with leftover liquid from making ossobuco).
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When you say spicy... is this like a proper pepper stew? Cos then you could stew halves of hard boiled eggs in it with some curry spices and serve with rice, it will be rather surprisingly yummy. And if you mean something more like gravy, then pour over buttery mashed potatoes or noodles or any mild and stodgy comfort carbohydrate as people say above. Or freeze it until such time as inspiration pays a visit.
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It sounds so tasty. Make risotto with a base of well-sauteed onions, add some wine and the broth. Depending on the fat content, use olive oil. Butternut squash and/or mushrooms are great in risotto, and parmesan cheese is a nice addition, but I often make it with good broth and onions, and it's so good.
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Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. Your flavors might be slightly different, but you may shed tears at how good this is.
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