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I'm finally working on my official writer website. I'm dreading tracking down all the links for things i've published in the last 15ish years. Are there shortcuts I can do without knowing anything about coding? Other ideas to get the links quickly?

I've been published widely as a music journalist, poet, fiction writer, book reviewer, and essayist. I can find a lot of these hits just by Googling, of course, but is there a quicker way?

There are some sites I've contributed a lot of different articles to over the years, and I don't know if it's possible to grab all those links at once.

I mostly just care about having the links, but if there was a way to sort by publication date, that'd be amazing.

I'm going to be using journoportfolios to make the site.

I have some web design savvy but not a huge amount.

I can try plying a hacker friend to help if need be, or I can pay a fancy hacker a little money if need be.
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Did you ever email the links to anyone? If so, they’d be in your sent mail folder. Also, if you find links that are no longer valid, it’s quite possible you can find them on archive.org
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Forgot to add that it’s over 100 links total, each of which has its own url.
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You’ll have to do a lot of manual QC even if you automate it, and you would probably need to do something different for every site/publication if you were automating. I think you just have to gut it out and start googling.

One thing I do recommend is to get in the habit of storing your clips/citations in a tool like Zotero/Mendeley/Endnote - it will be a lot of work to get your backlog in this time but next time you’ll be able to reformat everything much more easily.
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This is probably obvious, but... when you find one article from a publication you've written a lot for, check whether your byline is a link, or whether they use tags with your name in. If so, there might be a page behind them that contains links to all your articles (random example from a story on the guardian homepage today - clicking the byline on this story takes you to this index). I'd still suggest lifting the links and putting them individually into your portfolio, as that seems a wee bit less likely to incur link-rot, but it saves you finding them all individually.
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Oh, and again, apologies as this is probably completely obvious, but just in case it's not... even if a site's own search is terrible and doesn't bring up your stories when you search for your name, putting the equivalent of (for the example above)

"ian wylie" site:https://www.theguardian.com

Into google should bring up anything containing your name on that site. Does depend on them having credited you.
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