Opera Mini on a ROKR phone with T-Mobile service?
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Anyone know how to get the Opera Mini browser working with T-Mobile's Internet Service? I can browse the web just fine with the built-in Motorola browser, but Opera Mini just says it can't find a working connection. Thanks! Tony
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T-Mobile doesn't have full access internet by default. I'd check to see if you're actually using a "t-zones" plan, as that has limited web access and they may have it locked down to the phone's own browser by now. They were allowing other web browsers for a period but that may be over. They have an all-you-can-eat internet plan but I've heard that may be retired to make way for an EDGE/wifi unlimited plan.
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You pretty much have to flash your phone to enable a setting (IIRC called "Web Sessions" on Motorola phones) and then edit it to add T-Mobile's proxy server which will then allow you to access the internet with your phone. HowardForums would be your best bet to find out how to do that.
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FWIW, I didn't have any issues at all with my unlocked Treo 650 and T-Mobile service.
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