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Help me find historical/political/philosophical documentaries online

I've recently been inspired by a few posts on the blue (notably this one and this one) to realise that there is some great philosophy/politics material on Youtube (eg I've gotten into Philosophy Tube.

I guess I never realised how good Youtube can be for in depth thought/documentaries. This has got me hankering for content covering the political philosophy/historical politics/history of philosophy etc. I wonder if you could help me find some other examples.

Looking in particular for stuff that is in depth and rooted in academic literature. The sort of thing I'm looking for:

- Adam Curtis documentaries
- People's century

The sort of thing I'm not looking for:

- stuff about contemporary politics (eg CitizenFour, Inside Job)
- Documentaries about individual politicians (more looking for history of ideas than history of people)
- Stuff about wars.

Also interested in Podcasts if there are any good ones. I do like Hardcore History (although it's a bit war based) and In Our Time.

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Best answer: not video, but relevant to your topics- If you have an Audible audiobook subscription, you get access to audio lectures from The Great Courses, which includes a SHITLOAD of philosophy and history-of-ideas stuff from all kinds of perspectives. Obviously Great Courses/The Teaching Company has their own subscription/app etc and they sell video lectures as well, but it's far more expensive than getting the content via Audible.
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I think for a while their flagship offering was The Birth Of The Modern Mind, which got me interested in philosophy for the first time after I listened to it:

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Best answer: It's audio but the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast (1, 2, 3) is fabulous. (Possibly of interest is this absolutely huge RSS feed which may give your device a stroke but has direct links to .mp3s: https://pbcdn1.podbean.com/hopwag/feed.xml)
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