Excluding a site from google search results
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Is there a permanent, global way to exclude a site from my google search results?

I'm looking for a way to do what appending "-site:example.com" does, without typing it every time.

I am logged into google.
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Best answer: God, I wish.

This used to be possible but Google deprecated the tool. It sucks.
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You could create a custom search engine in your browser, i.e. in Chrome, you can define search engines with keywords, so that the usual ctrl+k brings up your custom search with the -site:example.com, and in fact make it the default search engine.
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google has a chrome extension called personal blocklist that claims to do this.
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+1 for Personal Blocklist
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Hmm. Personal Blocklist stopped working for me and I gathered from comments that this was a widespread phenomenon. Perhaps it works again?
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Response by poster: Personal Blacklist does not seem to be working :(
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If using Firefox you can also make a search keyword whose URL you'd then edit to exclude the site.
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I think this can be achieved with a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE):

1) Go to https://cse.google.com/cse/create/new
2) Under sites to search type www.google.com (just doing this to get the CSE created)
3) Name the search engine and click "Create"
4) Click on "Control Panel" (3rd button)
5) Turn "Search the Entire Web" to "On"
6) Select www.google.com under "Sites to Search" and "Delete"
7) Click "Advanced" under "Sites to Search"
8) Add your domains you don't want to see under "Sites to Exclude" and then "Update" at the very bottom.
9) Now you can bookmark the "Public URL" for the search engine and treat that as your search.

It's a little clunky, but it works and you only have to set this up once. You can also get fancy and add custom CSS and embed it in places.
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Seconding trig's suggestion above to use the search keyword functionality in Firefox. I used that to create a "wp topicname" shortcut for getting straight to the Wikipedia article on a topic. You could create a "g" keyword to do the google search but subtract out the offending site automatically. Then you'd only need to type two more characters ("g ") to get your sanitized search.

Of course, this would only work on that browser on that computer.
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I'm not sure if this is quite what you want, but I love Google Hit Hider. There's some documentation at the author's site.
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This works! Thanks, kristi! This is a tool that supports good mental hygiene.
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