She drinks a matcha drink, she drinks a vodka drink
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I love matcha but first thing in the morning I want my drinks sweet (otherwise why get out of bed... ?). Looking for warm matcha beverage recipes for morning.

I realize this is a fairly straightforward question of just putting things in matcha but I thought someone else might have more exciting ideas than me. Right now I have two recipes depending on what’s in the house. For both I make a normal batch of matcha (purchased from Adagio). Then I either add dark chocolate almond milk, or a tsp of maple syrup and some regular 2% milk. What else can I try?

I don’t mind if they take a little effort because my mornings are really about taking my time, meditative routines, etc. I like to be able to taste the matcha but I like a little something else going on, more fat or lightly sweet.
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not everyone owns a whipped cream charger I have learned (though in my family everyone has a ISI for some reason, they're like your "welcome to adulthood" gift) but in the case that you do own one here are fun things:

coconut matcha whip

Matcha latte (but foamed)

Matcha Mousse latte
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Best answer: One of my local coffee shops has been offering a lavender simple syrup in their matcha latte. I like it with oat milk.
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the best matcha smoothie recipe I’ve come up with so far is about 1 tablespoon of matcha, an ounce/28 grams of raw cashews, 10-20g cocoa butter, and a date or two, and some vanilla. I blend it with hot water (I’ve got the zojirushi thing that holds my water at 175 for green tea) and then maybe swish a little more around to clean out the blender/top it off with some more hot water when I’m done. It’s like a warm white chocolate matcha drink, it’s quite nice.
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Best answer: My local tea shop makes a killer matcha latte sweetened with a honey syrup.

I also had a great matcha latte with jasmine syrup, the light floral flavor was surprisingly good.
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Best answer: Secretariat, I came to suggest lavender syrup in the matcha! I’ve been calling it a spring meadow because with the grass and the flowers it tastes just like that.
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Best answer: If you can get your hands on azuki beans: azuki, milk and matcha = heaven. Though not really a breakfast drink, more dessert.
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Best answer: Rose water is my favourite thing to add in my lattes, matcha or coffee. If you prefer it sweeter, maybe a rose syrup? I like lavender, too, but prefer rose.

A smidge of cocoa (or chocolate syrup) with the tiniest bit of orange extract also works for me.

Oh, and strawberry milk ( The recipe is really for a strawberry syrup that you blend with milk.)!
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