Jack of all writing site?
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I want to know about any websites that help with creative writing, blogging, community feedback, and delving into paid freelance work. In other words, a Swiss army knife of writing.

There are plenty of sites that can do one or two of these things, but I just wonder if there is a site that can both help me with my creative side -- developing fiction like short stories and novels -- as well as more practical, workaday freelance writing.

Free is best, of course.
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Tumblr has a huge writing community. You can follow writing prompts, writers who offer advice, form your own little enclave with other writers who'll offer you feedback (provided you do the same), and obviously also allows you to publish your work. I know writers and artists who use Tumblr as a portfolio site as well.
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I would caution against Tumblr, just because it's a complete tyre fire of a site, and more pertinently, it doesn't allow any NSFW content, and the algorithms to filter out the content are so bad they might as well have been coded by monkeys with Macbooks.

Dreamwidth has several communities that cater to writers, and several pro authors have journals there. It might be worth looking into just as a space to host your work, get feedback, and interact with writers in a far less toxic space than Tumblr.
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It's not a site only, but it sounds like you want Writer's Digest.
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You could look at Holly LIsle's site. It's mainly writing fiction, but also covers self-publishing. MInd, I haven't looked at it in a couple of years.
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The Absolute Write forums have been going for an absolute age. I haven't checked in on them in years, but they still appear to be very active from a quick look this morning.
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