I would like the cutest low-heeled shoes or flats please and thank you.
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I got a cool new job that affords me some fashion flexibility. One aspect of it is that I sometimes have to walk across downtown to appear in public with not a lot of notice looking professional.

I am looking for low-heeled/kitten heeled/flat shoes I am excited to wear. I like mary janes, things with buckles, metallic, or visually interesting shoes but when I go to the store, I'm not finding anything that moves me and I'm too swamped to cruise the interwebs for as long as it would take me. Here are some shoes I like that might give you an idea of my style: if I need functional but a little boring, surprisingly comfortable, I wear these a surprising amount, I would love these if they weren't so expensive. Bonus points for grey shoes and/or shoes that are actually good for your feet.
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If you're going to have to walk much distance outside, I would avoid kitten heels. The concrete will ruin them pretty quickly. I destroyed a bunch of shoes at my first internship before I figured this out.
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I really like Rothys. Super super comfortable, with lots of cute styles.
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Very comfy and easy to walk in by Everlane. I think they are cute.

I find that while kitten heels are hard to walk in, for me, shoes with chunkier heels are much more comfortable and stable.
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AK Sport flats. Insanely comfortable, good quality, and I get tons of compliments. If you google them, you'll get lots of links for where to buy them, including at the Anne Klein outlet, DSW, Amazon, etc.
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Yes, and grates will destroy kitten heels, too.

In my opinion, this is what ballet flats were invented for (well, I guess, actually not!, but you take my meaning). Standard-issue may be insufficiently cute, but you can find ones with buckles and bows and bedazzling. The thing that's particularly versatile about them is that no one will give you a second look wearing them barelegged with skirts/dresses or with socks and trousers.
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Agreed that the Everlane Day Heel is extremely comfortable. They have a (mid height) chunky heel so it’s much easier to walk on than a stiletto or even a lower kitten heel.
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Seconding Rothy’s. Most comfortable flats ever and you can toss them in the washing machine when they inevitably get dirty and/or sweaty. They come in many fun colors, I have orange and yellow ones which I wear with everything!
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These Rockports are super comfortable and the oxford styling gives a little flair. I wear the hell out of them and always get compliments. The heel height may give you pause, but the width of the heel makes them stable and comfy. There are a lot of other Cobb Hill styles that you may want to browse.
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Thirding Rothy's. I'm wearing my pointy-toe leopard spot pair today (I also have round-toes in black and navy. They're the workhorses of my wardrobe.)
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Cydwoq makes some gorgeous women's shoes, imo: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

A bit pricey, but not when you consider they're handmade and can be resoled. I've had 2 pairs for almost 20 years and they look as good as new.
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Also, the Drifter Leather will hand-make a pair to an outline of your own feet. Perfectly flat flats. You also choose the color/leather.
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Reiker is a European brand that makes such comfortable heels, even i wear them. Here are some favorites:

This style

These look wonderful in real life . . . really. They pick up the color of whatever you're wearing.

The Reiker website shows lots of new colors and styles coming in for spring.

Soles are rubber and grooved--not slick--so I don't know if that makes them too casual, but it certainly makes them wonderfully walkable.
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Camper Shoes is another comfy European brand with an aesthetic somewhere between classic and funky. They do need to be tried on even once you get your size because the fit can vary quite a bit between different styles, but my comfiest flats and my comfiest heels are both Campers, and I get lots of compliments on them.

Clarks shoes are also very comfortable, quite cute, and very durable, and might be easier to order/try on in the US.
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I also love mary janes, and have been wearing a Dansko style similar to this one. Dansko and Sanita have been very kind to my feet over the years.
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These are amazing, they have them at Nordstroms rack. Comfiest nice shoes I've ever had, I have three pairs now, two in leather and one in suede. They hold up great to tons of wear and outdoor use.. The suede has held up remarkably well to hiking around all over several cities including Seattle and LA- so not super clean cities. Don't let the price fool you they're good quality.
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Seconding Riekers. Incredibly comfortable and well-made. After I bought my first pair I stopped buying any other brand of shoe.
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Not sure if this logistically works, but another option might be to put a pair of those cute flats or kitten heels in your bag and to put on very practical, light, slip-on shoes for the walking--then switch out once you reach your destination. (Although in looking for that link, these came up and look very comfy + cute.)
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