Rectangle seeks legwear
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Tall, skinny, thoroughly assless woman seeks leggings and pants that won't slither down and fall off.

I'm a trans woman. Even by cis dude standards, my friends used to tease me for having no ass, and hormones haven't changed that. I am tall, thin, and very, very, very rectangular, with skinny hips and a flat butt.

I'm not looking for clothes to change any of those facts. I just want leggings and pants that stay up.

Things I know I could technically do but don't want to do for style or other reasons: wear suspenders, wear a sturdy practical men's-style belt, wear men's pants, wear dresses without leggings in February in Boston. Please don't argue with me about these. I know your favorite tiny cis girl model looks super hot and androgynous-but-undeniably-female in men's trousers and suspenders. I promise I won't.

Fellow womenswear-loving rectangles of the world, both cis and trans: if you've found pants or leggings that actually do stay up, please spill.
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Assless hipless Asian here. Spendy but Spanx leggings are worth it.
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My daughter's tall, thin, rectangular and trans. She has had success with pants from Uniqlo and Gap in the male-form department. My AFAB partner, who similarly has snake hips, also shops these stores in the male-form department, with success.
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I am short and squatty but have a pancake ass. I have much better luck going down a size for leggings.
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Wearing an extra pair of underwear over tights or leggings that roll down is surprisingly effective at keeping them up.
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I have no ass or hips. These are the best leggings ever found on amazon HERE. Opaque, super stretchy, doesn't roll, long inseam and doesn't get pilly. Throw them in the wash with low linty clothing and dryer and comes out like a champ. Does run warm.
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I am the opposite and the pants that don't fit me are Old Navy pants and leggings. Give them a try.
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I am also rectangular—fatter than you by a fair margin, but I have remarkably little ass/hips for someone my size. Like, if I buy jeans that look like they fit most of me, I can still pull them off without unbuttoning them. I've had great luck with Sweetlegs leggings--I'm wearing their plus size, but I bet their standard size would work for you. They're *very* soft and don't push my sensory-issue buttons the way that some leggings do. They're also pretty long--I'm 5'8" and they're full-length on me, none of this above-the-ankle nonsense.
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I live in Kuhl’s Møva Skinny pants for their rectangle-ass-hugging capabilities!
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Ok, this is going to be weird, but both me and my (very very skinny 13yo ) son like these leggings/dress pants from Amazon. They look like dress pants, but are actually leggings! They run a size small. He is a 23" waist, no hips, no butt, and wears the size 2. I bought him a pair so he could have some dress pants to wear. He doesn't fit into any regular size boy pants. I wear the size 12 (I am a 30" waist with hips).
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I'm shaped like a flattish tube and Old Navy and Gap pants work best for me.
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I have similar fit issues - I just made my own pants and had to grade the pattern pieces between a size 6 waist, size 2 hip, size 10 calf, and add 2" to the inseam (3" would have been better). Athleta leggings work for me and a lot of them come with pockets! My only dress pants that fit are a stretchy pair from Gap. For hiking pants, Prana Halle pants are the closest I've found to an ok fit, and it's mostly because of the drawstring and slight stretch in the fabric.
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Hooray! Uniqlo's "ultra stretch" skinny fit men's jeans have an amount of stretch that would be unremarkable in women's jeans, a fit in the leg that would be totally middle-of-the-road for women's jeans, and a pelvis situation that's rectangle-compatible. There's some extra crotch room, because menswear, but it's not as egregious as it would be on a lot of men's pants.
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