HSA contribution limit for a doubly insured non-dependent dependent?
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US-tax-filter: which HSA contribution limit applies to a single adult who is doubly insured by individual and family HDHPs?

I suspect the best answer to this is "call the IRS," but last time I did so was so difficult that I'd love to figure out if there's a way to answer it based on existing guidelines. Recognizing that you're not an/my accountant - any chance anyone can point me toward information or resources that might help me figure this one out?

Here's my situation:
-I file as single. I am not a [tax] dependent. I do not have any dependents. Not married. I support myself. That part is pretty straightforward.
-In 2018 I was doubly insured for the full year:
-My primary insurance was an individual HDHP through my employer (and as this is my primary, this is the only plan I actually availed myself of coverage from.)
-My secondary insurance was a family HDHP through my parent (I am under 26.)
-I have my own HSA and that is the only one that paid for my 2018 healthcare, per IRS rules.
-Right now I've contributed up to the individual limit for 2018 but I'd like to add more retroactively if the family limit is actually the one that applies to me.

Based on that - which coverage limit would apply to me? I understand that an adult child who is not a tax dependent would be able to contribute up to the full family limit if they were only covered by a family plan, but does having the individual plan as primary change that at all?

Also, as a level II bonus question: the same situation applies to me for only part of 2019, until I turn 26. What's the limit for my 2019 contributions?
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Hi! I work with employee benefits and HDHPs a lot, but I am not your tax attorney.

Your limit for 2018 is your individual limit: $3,450

For your 2019 contributions, your individual/family status is determined by your coverage on December 1, 2019. The 2019 individual HSA contribution limit is $3,500.
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