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Hey I want to buy a (new or used?) sofa-bed or couch for between $50-500 delivered. I do not want to rent a truck or hire a man with a van. What are my options. Cambridge, MA area.
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At the top end of your price range, but definitely an easy option: Ikea sells several sofas in the $300 - $500 range, and they offer delivery for < $100.
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Jawhdan's Fuhnitchuh ... sorry, Jordan's Furniture does delivery.
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Wayfair! I just bought this one and I love it. They have sofas with good reviews for as low as $300.
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btw jordan's charges 6% of the retail price for delivery and assembly to nearby areas.
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Response by poster: Thanks, these line up with sites/places recommended to me by others. Are there any notable second-hand/rebuilt/reupholstered type stores?

...Although the 4D Motion Odyssey Movie at Jahdn's looks wicked pissa; I nevah been in the fougth dimension befoah... and if the sox win the series it's all FREE EVERYTHING
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Secondhand is possible, but your budget is going to preclude anything freshly rebuilt/reupholstered. Domestic labor and materials costs are too high for that.
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Sometimes craigslist folks (or facebook marketplace, which I've had more luck with in recent years) are willing to deliver for an additional fee. The ad might or might not mention it. Worth a shot, at least.
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If you do go for the 4D Jawhdan's experience, they have a clearance center at their Avon MA location that can save you a fair bit of money. Downside is you would have to get it out of there somehow, which may run afoul of the "renting a truck" part of your plan, but the items are often hundreds less than what's on the show floor.

I've bought couches there a couple times, they worked out well (but I had a truck I could borrow from family).
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Wayfair works very well even when things go wrong. If item is damaged in any way they offer to replace it or refund you pretty much immediately. Even returns are not that besides getting things boxed-up again.
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No specific suggestions other than to suggest vetting the item, donor or store carefully if you buy secondhand. I'd be especially wary of things left on the curb. I have had friends who introduced bedbugs into their homes in just this fashion.
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Re the lower end IKEA couches, I'll say after a recent-ish IKEA couch shopping experience that the lower priced ones are extremely bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, size, and appearance. You're definitely going to want to go into a nearby location and look at the floor models, see what you actually get for that money, and try a few out. For example the classic Klippan couch is tiny and seats maybe two small people who are OK sharing personal space. You definitely couldn't nap on it.

For what it's worth, when we did the IKEA couch shopping song and dance, we ended up with the Friheten model. At the time it was about $700, but it looks like the price has come down to $499. To be honest, our Friheten hasn't held up particularly well in the couple of years we've had it. I'm expecting it to limp along through our remaining years with a small child who spills and drools all over it, and to be replacing it with something higher quality within the next 5 years. Which is an OK bang for 700 bucks (and pretty good for its current price point), but not stellar.

To be perfectly honest, if I were in your shoes, I'd be looking at thrift stores for a couch in this price range. If you know where to go and what to look for, and if where you live isn't particularly prone to bed bugs, you can find a couch that would retail new for $1000-2000 for under $200. On the other hand, unless it's a thrift store that has furniture delivery (not out of the question), you are kind of stuck having to transport it yourself.
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We bought a $400 price point sofa at Jordan’s (made by Ashley Industries). Fell apart (super small support beam cracked, sofa sagged) and cushions looked substantially flattened and sad after 18 months. It was not great. We donated it and are back to the drawing board and looking at more expensive couches.
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I don't know what the US's version of Kijiji is (craigslist?) but I have hired several people with trucks to deliver large things like couches to my small apartments over the years (and usually carry them in for me.) it's cost me between $50 and $150 usually?
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I bought a $50 couch, right around the corner from my apartment. I used a dolly and put the cushions in my van. I rolled the couch down the street and around the corner, the kid next door helped me get it in my front door. I realized it was going to be more difficult to put the couch in the van, than schlepping it myself. If the sidewalks are clear, even a couple of blocks would have been easy, it depends on the size and weight of the couch. Mine was a full length sofa, but fairly light. Sometimes companies who put on estate sales deliver.
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Response by poster: Yeah, curb-couches always look enticing until you remember bedbugs, so that's out.

But yeah, I think I have a little more focus now. Thanks, people!
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We bought a couch from Jordan’s in 2014 and it has held up fine, though it doesn’t get high usage. I also have a couch that I bought at Costco around 2008 that is still going strong. I think it was a few hundred dollars?
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