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I have a coffee can full of small change. My local Coinstar offers Amazon credit for small change. What are some nonprofits that have active Amazon wishlists?
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These are two I actually have linked my Amazon, so they were easy to find -

The N Georgia House Rabbit Society has an Amazon wishlist.

Our House also has an Amazon wishlist.

That's a really smart idea!
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Chicago Books to Women in Prison (link goes to Amazon Wishlist)

This is a really good idea! I think I'll do the same the next time the coin jar gets full.
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Another vote for Chicago Books to Women in Prison—I regularly send them books from their wish list.
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Farm Sanctuary

This is a great idea. Thank you for this question.
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No kill animal shelter Animal Friends.
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A lot of animal shelters do, so if you have a local favorite, check out their online presence or ask them. And don't forget to log in to Amazon Smile before you visit the wishlist, so you can further give!
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Two book ones:
2000 Libros (for kids detained at the US-Mexico border)
Prison Library Project (nationwide books-to-prisoners)

Two in Little Rock:
Little Free Pantry Little Rock
Lucie's Place (homeless shelter for LGBTQ young adults)
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You can make all of your shopping benefit the nonprofit of your choice, as well, by going through instead of their usual storefront. For a 'loose change' purchase the donation will be just a few cents, but it all adds up!
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LapDog Rescue of New Mexico rescues tiny dogs in a very poor state.
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I really enjoy browsing Zoo New England's list to learn how human items are repurposed for animal enrichment. (Zoo New England = Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham.)
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Can you support the nonprofits using
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Lanai Cat Sanctuary
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Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation has lists of things they need and addresses to send them to, so you could use Amazon to buy and ship things to them.
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Just be aware that things you buy from a nonprofit's wishlist can get intercepted just like any other Amazon package, and since it's not their money they may not be inclined to pursue it. There's not a way to just get them an amazon gift card with the funds is there?
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Bat World Sanctuary has an active list, as does the Pennsylvania Bat Rescue. Some of the items on the lists are kind of interesting - I was charmed the first time I saw that Bat World's bats got those little crinkly cat toys to play with (if you're lucky, sometimes you can see a bat grab one and fly off with it on their site's web cam).
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AmazonSmile recently launched Charity Lists. You can search for nonprofits by cause.
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Westside Baby has a wishlist, mostly diapers but also things kids 0-12 need. It distributes throughout King County in Washington state.
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