I need a new laptop.
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I use mine mostly for web browsing, watching video, and email, so i don't need anything too fancy on power and memory. But I do play a few simple games and love puzzles, so a touch screen is a must. I also want the keyboard to be relatively easy to disassemble to clean. I carry it around pretty often, so weight is also a factor. Thanks!
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I just recommended a Lenovo Yoga yesterday. It is touchscreen and the screen folds backwards to make it a tablet, which is great for games and movies. There are older versions for less money on other sites, too -- we have several of these across a few versions and really love them.

Whatever you do, do not buy a laptop without SSD.
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I'm really happy with my surface book 2. It's a two in one, I rarely use it as a tablet (I stick with my phone for that) I've played CIV on it. I do lots of typing and needed a good keyboard.

It's been reliable, as good battery life and I liked it better than the smaller surface pros, mostly because of the keyboard though I had s three which had low battery life. It's also more stable in laptop mode and I don't have to stress about the screen falling backwards if I'm on my couch or something.
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My favourite laptop is the Dell XPS 13 for packing an excellent high rez screen into a tiny package while still having a decent keyboard. It has a touchscreen but isn't easy to disassemble.

The Surface Pro is my other recommendation. It has a neat 3:2 aspect ratio that is great for reading in both landscape and portrait, and has a stylus for freehand drawing and taking notes. It has a excellent touchscreen and the keyboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth (or replaced entirely with a new one if damaged)

The Lenovo Yoga recommended by DarlingBri is probably cheaper than either, though.
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Like AlexiaSky, I also have a Surface, but mine is a Pro 4. I've had it for several years now and it has a been a great for browsing, some gaming, and using as a tablet with a stylus.
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Thanks to all, and apologies for missing the laptop post, just yesterday! Very poor reading on my part. I currently have a Lenovo right now, and while it's still running great, physically it is falling apart. I've already paid to have it put back together and the broken pieces replaced once, but now it won't charge due to the fact that it's broken around where the charger plug-in is. So I'm hesitant to go Lenovo again. Maybe I just got a lemon, but I'm not impressed.

I really like the ones that fold over into a tablet; I think that would help with my shoulder pain issues. My sister has a similar one that I have enjoyed using. Thanks all for your suggestions!
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So I'm hesitant to go Lenovo again. Maybe I just got a lemon, but I'm not impressed.

Our Yogas are all metal bodies, if that makes a difference. I am HELL on laptops and while I've predictably dropped this one multiple times and cracked the screen, the body is rock solid and entirely intact. As is the SSD, obvi.
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