Do you know a good psychotherapist in or near Santa Monica, California?
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I'm looking for an open-minded psychotherapist who practices in or around Santa Monica, California for talk therapy and life-strategizing. Can anyone recommend a good one?
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I spent a good few years with Alan E. Clark on Wilshire. Not sure what his workload is like nowadays, but I only stopped going because I lost my insurance (and then moved across town).
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I felt bad this got so few replies, but then I realized I actually knew someone! She is only out-of-network, which might be a nonstarter for you, but I had a great experience with Janice Ehrlich. I found her to be very nondirective and casual in her approach, yet still achieved a significant amount of change.
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This is someone I know personally, so I don't have experience with her as a therapist, but I suspect she's great!
posted by tangosnail at 12:39 PM on February 11, 2019 is a lovely human and works on the border of Venice/Culver City. She was my therapist for a few years.
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